Attending Virtually


The Global Digital Humanities Symposium will be held in a Zoom meeting. The link to the virtual meeting room will be sent to registrants in the week prior to the Symposium. When you’re ready to join the Symposium, click on that link. You can also access the Zoom via dialing in on your phone or using the Zoom app.

  • Your browser will prompt you to open the Zoom application (if you have it) or download and run the Zoom application. However, you do not need to download the Zoom application to participate in the Symposium.
  • You can run the meeting in your browser by clicking “join from your browser” at the bottom of the page.

Configuring settings once you are in the meeting

  • When you first enter the Symposium room, your audio will be muted. This will reduce the amount of background noise in the meeting and allow everyone to hear speakers more clearly.
    • However, if you are asking a question during a session and have been called on by the moderator or are participating in a social time breakout room, please un-mute yourself by clicking the microphone icon on the bottom left corner or, hold down the space bar.
  • When you first enter the Symposium room, your video will also be turned off. You are welcome to turn your video on at any time by clicking on the video icon in the bottom left corner. If you have network connectivity issues, we recommend stopping your video feed.
  • We strongly encourage you to include your pronouns next to your name. You can adjust your name by clicking “Participants” in the bottom center of Zoom and then hovering over your name and clicking “More” and “Rename”. You have the option to enter your name as you would like to be called during the Symposium, and you can add your pronouns. Note that if you leave and re-join the Zoom, you will need to adjust your name each time. You can also adjust your settings in Zoom so that your pronouns always display. Learn how to do that here.

Joining from a Phone

You can also join the Symposium Zoom from your phone two ways.

  • You can either dial in using the phone number provided with the One Tap number that will be in the Zoom information provided prior to the Symposium. This video explains how to dial in.
  • Or, you can access the Symposium via the Zoom app on your phone. Simply click the app and enter in the meeting ID and password provided to you prior to the Symposium. Or, simply click the link and launch meeting and it will open in the Zoom app. This tutorial explains how to access Zoom via a phone.

Attendee Participation

All attendees are encouraged to participate during the Symposium both on Zoom and through the Youtube livestream.

  • If you are attending via Zoom, you can ask questions using the chat function on Zoom and raise their hand (in the “Reactions” list on the bottom of the screen) and wait for the moderator to call on you.
  • If you are tuning in on the Youtube livestream, you can access questions via the chat function. You must be logged into a Google account in order to use the chat function on the livestream.

Interpretation and Closed Captions

The symposium will feature live interpretations in English and Spanish. Note: Interpretation features are only accessible via Zoom and not the YouTube livestream.

  • To access the interpretation feature, select the interpretation icon on the bottom bar and the select which language you would like to hear. This video explains how to access interpretation both on a computer and a phone.
  • In non breakout room settings there will be English closed captions for the symposium, as well on the YouTube livestream.

For more information about specific accommodations and accommodation requests, please email us at


All are welcome to tune into the symposium livestream on Youtube. We will broadcast the event through the MSU Digital Humanities channel. The chat feature will be turned on, and we encourage everyone to participate by sharing your thoughts and asking questions during the Symposium using live chat. Note that you must be logged into Google in order to participate in the livestream chat.

The livestream runs a full minute behind the Zoom meeting, so do ask questions via chat as you think of them rather than waiting for the formal Question and Answer section of session. That way they are relayed to the presenters in a timely fashion.

Also, note that the livestream will be broadcast in the presenter’s original language, and interpretation will not be available.

Project Showcase

The Project Showcase is meant to have a similar atmosphere to a poster presentation, in which presenters share their work and engage with attendees in a small group setting. During the Project Showcase, each presentation will be assigned a specific Zoom breakout room. Attendees can move freely among the breakout rooms to hear from presenters, ask questions, give feedback, or just listen, much like a traditional poster session.

Note that language interpretation and closed captioning will not be available during the Project Showcase. Additionally, the Project Showcase will not be livestreamed.

Getting Help


If you encounter any problems while you are in the Zoom room during the Symposium, contact the Zoom monitor in Zoom chat for assistance. If you are unable to access chat, please email

If you are unable to access the Zoom during the Symposium, please contact the Symposium through one of the following channels:

Code of Conduct Violations, Questions, and other Issues

The Global DH Symposium seeks to create an inclusive space for all. If you have questions or concerns about conduct before, during, and/or after the Symposium, please reach out to Symposium organizers via Zoom direct message, via email at, or as a direct message to the MSUGlobalDH Mastodon account. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be handled swiftly, and the process for that is laid out in the Code of Conduct document.